After being first exhibited in its entirety at The Invisible Dog Art Center in 2012, the Drawing a Day series 365 has been on the move. This past year, 365 was featured in part at numerous gallery and museum shows around the world - including an exhibition at Christie's New York curated by Y&S, as a part of the 6th annual Illustrative Festival at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin, and is currently on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.


We were particularly honored by our inclusion in the Warsaw show. Having spent several formative years there studying under the masters of the Polish graphic design school, Daniel maintains a strong connection to the city, its culture, and the visual legacy of his mentors. To have our work shown there truly brings us full circle. 

We published a book collection of the works from 365, which was featured at Galerie Perrotin in Paris and Printed Matter in New York. The book is available for purchase here.