Daniel Horowitz works in painting, drawing, collage, and installation. His art is characterized by a unique combination of realism and surrealist abstraction. In many of his compositions, faceless human figures work against backdrops of bizarre landscapes, mundane architecture or chimerical scenes. Twisted and stretched objects or body parts rendered in vibrant colors channel the surreal while examining contemporary reality,  social anxieties and displaced identity. Horowitz's imagery alters the original nature of objects and scale, creating overall dreamlike atmospheres. His paintings employ an associative logic, whereby disparate subjects are thrown together into impossible landscapes that are nonetheless psychologically cohesive. Through dissonant figure pairings and Freudian fluency in our collective symbolic lexicon, Horowitz conjures up what cannot be visualized into something visible. His paintings suggest a narrative but this promise dissolves into ambiguity. Originally inspired by Surrealism and the Polish Poster School, he developed natural interest in the so-called New Leipzig School, known for mixing surrealism and realism. Horowitz’s work has been the subject of international solo and group exhibitions - from New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Warsaw, Berlin, Leipzig, Paris to Split, Barcelona, and Montreal. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA (2001).

Solo Exhibitions
2017    April - Noble Savage, Rutger Brandt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2016November - Totem & Taboo, Tillou Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2015    September - Tongueless Pelicans, Leipzig International Art Programme, Spinnerei, Germany
             April - Planned Obsolescence, The Dept. of Signs & Symbols, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2014    October - Ceremony Interrupted, Karen Huber Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
             September - Camouflage, Pioneer Works Center for Art & Innovation, Brooklyn, NY, US
             March - Lost Identity, Cutlog Project Space, New York, NY, USA
             February - меtаморфоза, galerie L’Inlassable, Paris, France
2012    March - 365, The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Group Exhibitions

2017    April - Birds of America, Exhibit 101, Los Angeles, CA
2016    March - Safaris, Curated by Claude d’Anthenaise / Director / Musée de la Chasse et de la  Nature, Paris, France
2015    December - The Self-Drawing Hand, galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France
             September - Unheimlich, Leipzig International Art Programme, Spinnerei Art Center, Germany
             July-September - Phlogiston, curated by KJ Baysa and Branco Franceschi / Museum of Modern Art, Split, Croatia
             June - In The Cloud, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts gallery, New York, NY, USA
             May - Joshua Triennial, curated by KJ Baysa and Bernard Leibov, Joshua Tree, CA, USA
             March - Living Tropical, Karen Huber gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
             March - Micro Salon, galerie L’Inlassable, Paris, France   
             March - Profil Perdu, Karen Huber gallery ℅ MC gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2014    March - Materializing Immateriality, galerie L’Inlassable, SCOPE, New York, NY, USA
             February - Delighted Dramas, curated by Luise Kaunert, Brooklyn, NY, USA
             March - Micro Salon, galerie L’Inlassable, Paris, France   
             January - Painters of Illustration, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
2013    November - Painters of Illustration, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
             April - Papier Montréal, Joyce Yahouda gallery, Montreal, Canada     
             March - Young & Starving, curated by Y & S, Christie’s, New York, NY, USA
2012     September - Magnetic Truths, Artists Wanted, New York, NY, USA
             June - Muriel Guépin gallery, Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland  
             February - Muriel Guépin gallery, Art MRKT San Francisco, CA, USA

Residencies and Awards

2017   Cite International des Arts, Paris, France
2016   Omi International Art Center, Fellowship, Ghent, NY
            Vermont Studio Center, award and fellowship, Johnson, VT, USA
2015    LIA Leipzig International Art Programme, grant, Leipzig, Germany
            Triangle Artists' Workshop, Salem, NY, USA
            Espronceda Art Center, Barcelona, Spain
2014   Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY, USA
            Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, Brooklyn, NY, USA
            Galeria Karen Huber Residency, Mexico City, Mexico
2011   Scope / Artist Wanted laureate, grant and exhibition / Miami, FL, USA

Selected texts and press

2015    A subconscious explored: Daniel Horowitz, Angela Ledgerwood, Thompson Hotel Blog Online 
             Planned Obsolescence / Off the Beaten Track, Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic, Online
             NYC Artist Portfolio, The Issue Ten; text by Scully / portrait by Cameron Krone, Online
             Studio Visiting: Daniel Horowitz, Tyrrell Mooney, MTV Redefine, Online
2014  Daniel Horowitz: Ceremony Interrupted, Roberto Barajas, Mexico City, Mexico, Print
             Intercourse Magazine, Issue 2, Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, Print
             Sherman, Whitney, Playing With Sketches, Rockport Publishers, Print
             Visual Chemistry: Daniel Horowitz, Wondereur, photographs by Aaron Adler, online  
             The Method: Daniel Horowitz, Sean Hotchkiss, Sean, Five O’Clock, Online
             Daniel Horowitz Interviewé par Kristian Nammack, Clocktower Radio, Clocktower Productions, Online
             Humorvolle Illustrationen von Daniel Horowitz, Ignant, Allemagne, Online
2013    C’est le geste manuel qui formatte, Olivia Zeitline, Réécrire, France, Online
             Art Goes to the Dog, Briquelet, Kate, Brooklyn Paper, Online
             Interview with New York Times Illustrator, Daniel Horowitz, Alyssa Loh, The American Reader
             Roland Topor and Hannah Höch attempt to illustrate the complete works of Lovecraft, Will Schofield, 50 Watts, Online
             365 Days with Daniel Horowitz, Morgan Tanabe, GALO Magazine, Online
             Beautifully twisted: welcome to Daniel Horowitz’s year of making a drawing a day, Anna Trench, It’s Nice That, Online
2012    365, Drawings by Daniel Horowitz, The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA
             Daniel Horowitz’s 365: Drawings, That Is, Roalf, Peggy, DART Design Arts Daily, Online