“A given culture is only as strong as its power to convince its least dedicated member that its fictions are truths.” Edward J. Dudley

In this newest body of work, Daniel Horowitz continues to explore the tension between the individual and civilization, first explored with Totem & Taboo at Tillou Fine Art. The wildness of the natural world has been subjugated by conquest and science. Similarly, Freud argued that in order to participate in civilization man’s inner most ‘wildness’ must become repressed. However the component archetypes of the noble savage are still very much alive in the interior of our mind, clamoring for release. By reorienting existing images from society’s detritus, Horowitz exposes our contemporary reality with all of its social anxieties and displaced identity. Like an archeologist he mines the visual legacy of culture and peels away the surface of existing images in an I attempt to unlock that which binds us all together.