"His surreal creations are witty, disgusting and guaranteed to make you question your own free association. There’s lots of sex, skeletons and, fittingly, Rorschach tests.Through a mixture of collage and paint, Horowitz transforms scraps of paper and old photographs into fantastic things. He might show an animal’s infrared foetus complete with umbilical cord, or a buxom woman squished naked into a Victorian carriage. Maybe he’ll shove a gorilla head on a girl or copulating blue and red blobs on a tandem bicycle. He replaces faces with squiggly multicoloured worms and adds blood-sucking rodents to golden ringlets." ItsNiceThat.com

Finding solutions to visual problems through metaphor is one of Daniel’s most gratifying endeavors. In 2011, he committed himself to a daily drawing discipline for 365 days, to rediscover the process of creating with his hands and step away from the computer and digital media. The drawings were posted daily on the blog, http://drawingdujour.tumblr.com and garnering quite a following and attention throughout the process. The vocabulary of this long-term project has resulted in a curious bestiary cut from old accounting books and ephemera, brought to life with ink and paint, scissors and collage, resulting in an original and thoroughly whimsical world tinted with black humor and impertinence. The series continues to serve as a database, a taxonomy of images and ideas that serve as a foundation of many subsequent projects. At mid-term of the project, Lucien Zayan, director of The Invisible Dog Art Center in New York invited Daniel to exhibit the entire series upon its completion. The 365 series has been since exhibited internationally at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in addition to a selection of private galleries.