Repurposing imagery from discarded propaganda, Horowitz's practice criticizes our lust over the disposable. Presenting an alternate reality lurking within social anxiety, where phantasmagorical atmospheres, faceless figures and chimerical scenes represent a displaced identity. Horowitz gained recognition as an artist for his diurnal 365 drawings series, which debuted in March 2012 at the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, NY, and has subsequently been shown internationally including the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art. In 2014, Horowitz has been awarded artist residencies at Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation and Residency Unlimited in New York, and Karen Huber Gallery in Mexico City. His recent work, which has grown to encompass painting and installation, has been exhibited in curated solo and group exhibitions internationally in Spain, Mexico, France, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. Currently, Horowitz is exhibiting at the Museum of Fine Art in Split, and is enrolled at the Leipzig International Art Programme in Germany.